Architects Board
of Western Australia



Form 01

Application for Registration as an Architect

Form 02

Application for Registration in Western Australia under Mutual Recognition

Form 03

Application to Restore or Transfer to Practising Division

Form 04

Application to Restore or Transfer to Non-Practising Division

Form 05

Trading Name Approval

Form 06

Application for Corporation Licence

Form 07

Application to Restore Licence as an Architectural Corporation

Form 08

Notification of Change of Recorded Details

Form 09

CPD Record

Form 10

Equivalence of Qualifications

Form 12

Architectural Practice Examination Parts 1 & 2

Form 20

Standard of Practice

Form 31

Board Award Nomination Form

Form 14

Notice of Intention to Practise in WA under Automatic Mutual Recognition

Form 13

APE Part 3 Application